Firearm & Defensive Tactics Training in DMV Metro Area

Walker's Firearms & Defensive Tactics Training LLC is a company founded to help people in the DMV acquire more knowledge, skills and be more confident when it comes to handling firearms and being able to defend themselves. In this day and age, it is very important to know how to get out of a dangerous situation. If you're interested, call me on (240) 709-6558 for more inquiries.

Learning Environment Paired With Experience

I make sure each of my courses is accessible and easy to learn from. Not only do I have a great experience, but I also provide a high-quality learning environment because I understand that people learn faster in calm and comfortable spaces. My training center strives to give you the privacy you need and also provides access to one-on-one tutoring whenever you neeed.

Superb Notary Services

No matter the type of document you need notarized, I can make sure that all of your documents are in the correct order. Get in touch with me today with any questions or requests, and I'll be in touch promptly to help you with all of your notarization needs. I also provide a live scan fingerprinting service which speeds up a lot of processes fro you.

Firearms Training

Get the Information You Need to Know to Defend Your Family With Confidence

Your Guide to Talking About Firearms With Your Kids.

Are You Unknowingly Breaking Your State's Gun Laws?

Areas Covered

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